The Importance of Listening to Your Own Voice

Question from a reader:  "There are so many times that I try to do what is right, but I am never sure if it is. I THINK it is, but then some of my friends think I’m wrong, and my mother tells me I should do things differently, etc., etc., etc….. How do I KNOW if I am doing certain things right?!?!?! I’m all ears! " D.C. Phoenix AZ

Hi D.C. First, let me tell you how often I hear that or similar questions! This is what I think: Almost all of us have a natural underlying knowingness that springs from something much deeper than learned factual information. We are born with a deep intuitional capacity. In our culture, however, this potential is unrecognized. Almost all of us are raised to depend upon our “thinking brain” to figure out how best to live our lives. The problem is that our thinking brain is fraught with limiting factors that contaminate our ability to make clear, sound decisions. The “thinking brain” is also easily thwarted by our fears, desires, past psychological traumas, etc. This is probably why you are struggling to “figure out” what is “right” for you or not. The good news is that you DO have the ability to identify what is correct for you. The bad news is that this ability is a skill that most people have to develop. Most of us have been deeply ingrained with the belief that it is very important for us to take our cues from others as to how best to think and behave. This is generally OK, but this course of action will pull you 180 degrees away from your deeper intuitional thinking; you can’t do both at the same time.
Even if you came to understand what is best for you to do in this current situation, if you are not relying on your deeper self in general for your direction, you will probably become confused again in a very short while.